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There is a first for everything! 

Welcome to the blog. I'm going to "try" and be on top of doing these and posting little snippets and sneak peeks from sessions and weddings.... we'll see how long this last! First an foremost, for anyone who knows me knows writing is not my thing, or grammar or spelling! So for those who don't know me, by now you've probably realized that I have not an I repeat not followed the basic writing guidelines... such as periods, commas, run on sentences etc. But frankly it's my blog an  your, you're, you are (hehe) just going to have to deal with it! Because if it were up to me ( which it is) this would all just be one giant run on sentence.  So here's to taking first! Check back later if you enjoy seeing beautiful pictures followed by run on sentence!

Xoxo Kelsey

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